Knowing some basic human psychology can make ALL areas in life MUCH EASIER so if you want to know how to grow an online business, read on for the 5 truths!

When you understand what OTHERS do and say is very much dependent on THEIR OWN past experiences and limiting beliefs life is easier! When we understand that our interactions with others is NOT about just what is happening on the surface. What they have just said, what we have just said, but goes soooo much deeper!

Because we all have pasts and limiting beliefs, we interpret things differently.

how to grow an online business

We ALL take different meaning from the same information depending on US! Our past experiences! Our ingrained beliefs, even if we don’t know what they are.

Therefore, we all have different PERCEPTIONS!

And when you KNOW this and accept this you can make ALL your interactions with others EASIER!!!

And, of course, this will help you in all areas of your life and business! Unless you never interact with other human beings!

So, knowing these 5 TRUTHS will make your life and growing your business MUCH EASIER!!!

    Don’t assume your advice will be listened to! If someone is close minded, meaning no matter what you say, they know best, you are wasting your breath! If they are in a negative head-space, they will not listen and YOU, my friend, are wasting your breath! The thing is, no one ever really listens to advice unless they happen to be in the right mindset at the right time. That is why people of great influence will LEAD a person to a place where that person comes to their OWN conclusion. They say things and ask particular questions to get you to have this REALIZATION that they in fact LEAD you to have! It’s much more effective than just telling them.

  2. Comparisons and feeling inferior to others is a complete waste of time and energy!
    Even the most successful people have worries, insecurities and uncertainties inside them. But that isn’t always the side of themselves that they put out there!
  3. We are constantly changing who we are!
    THIS one I feel is a big one! If we could all embrace this truth, we would go a lot easier on each other. Be a LOT more understanding.
    We beings are constantly EVOLVING!!! And we should be! We learn, we grow, we have realizations! So OF COURSE we are constantly changing who are.
    We are the sum of our experiences and our mindset. And these change!!! Therefore our perceptions change. Allow others the SPACE and the FREEDOM to change, without calling them out on it.
  4. Stop caring what people think!
    The truth is, people don’t care NEARLY as much as we think they do!
    Humans are essentially selfish! They have their OWN stuff going on and OF course THAT is what is going to hold more of their attention! Besides, if they are more concerned about what is going on with you, what you’re doing then they probably have a few issues anyway right? MOST of what we BELIEVE people are thinking are only assumptions our OWN minds create based on past experiences or incorrect perceptions and interpretations. Being yourself without worrying what others think is absolutely NECESSARY to your happiness!
  5. There is only ONE THING you can control in this life, and THAT is YOU and your RESPONSES!
    You can’t MAKE others do things that they don’t want to. When you stop trying to CONTROL people or situations that you CANNOT or have no business controlling, life becomes EASIER!!! And knowing that you have COMPLETE CONTROL over your own REACTIONS to events or situations gives you power. You let go of trying to control that which you cannot and take control of that which you can!


And there you have it!!! 5 TRUTHS to make life and growing your business easier!

  • You can only help those who want your help! STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND ENERGY AND GIVE IT TO SOMEONE WHO WANTS IT!
  • STOP COMPARING YOUR SELF TO OTHERS. Because really, you don’t even know what you are comparing. You’re comparing yourself to what you see of the surface of others. And what you see on the surface is only what they are willing to put out there.
  • PEOPLE ARE CONSTANTLY CHANGING! Allow them to do so! Allow YOURSELF to do so!
  • STOP CARING WHAT OTHERS THINK! The opinion you think they MIGHT have of you, the one they don’t even have, will HOLD YOU BACK from ever achieving your greatness!
  • THERE is only ONE THING you can control in this life and that is YOU and your reactions! If you stop wasting your precious time and energy trying to control which you should not you WILL be much happier and life will be much easier!

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~ Erin

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I created this space because I wanted to give you the exact blueprint, tips, and strategies that have helped me create financial freedom for my family and ultimately gave me my life back. If you are ready to make some changes in your life, and ready to build your dream business that would allow you to LIVE the way YOU want…

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