Being new to anything comes with a certain amount of challenges. Stepping into the world of online marketing/ network marketing with NO previous marketing experience can be downright daunting.There is most definitely a learning curve and a period of time where you are not going to make much money.

You CAN however shorten that time by becoming an authority figure to your target market as quickly as possible.

Why do you want to be seen as an authority figure?
Because people want to join people with authority

People want to join a leader. It is simple human nature. And you can’t argue with human nature.
So the faster your prospects see you as such, the faster you will grow your business and make money.

Let’s see if we can make you seen as an authority figure quickly!
These are the VERY SIMPLE but effective things I have done everyday to grow my business, become an authority figure and a leader in a very short amount of time.

Step 1: 
Provide value, value, value to your target market.
What is value?
Value is information your target market wants to consume.
Teach them and they will love you for it!

You invest your time and some money into yourself so that you can provide the value the market is thirsty for and you will be perceived as an authority.
You learn and then you educate.

Step 2:
Get all that wonderful value and YOURSELF out there!
You need to make yourself seen and heard so don’t be shy!

This can be written content to your email list, a blog post or even a social media post.
But if you really want to get the ball rolling growing your business and your income fast share what you have in VIDEO!
Video works like nothing else!
It is THE fastest way for people to get to know, like and trust you so use it to your advantage.

As scary as it can be doing video it will make a huge difference in speeding up your results. (In fact, check out my video below to see how much of a difference video is to reading this very post!)

What is that old saying?

The most money is made outside your comfort zone”

And there you go!

A simple but highly effective plan to make YOU the authority figure in you niche market FAST!

But just one last tip.
You need to be very consistent with this simple plan.
If you are consistent people will start to watch for what value you put out next.

Eh Voila! You now have a following and how sweet is that!

– Erin Birch

L4 leader and MLSP Master Marketer
Article originally published here on the MLSP Blog.

About the Author Erin Birch

I help women build successful businesses all online from anywhere in the world. I also help women master their psychology so they can make the second half of their life absolutely ROCK!

I created this space because I wanted to give you the exact blueprint, tips, and strategies that have helped me create financial freedom for my family and ultimately gave me my life back. If you are ready to make some changes in your life, and ready to build your dream business that would allow you to LIVE the way YOU want…

YOU my friend are in the right place.

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