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Are you someone who often feels shy or anxious in social situations? Do you find yourself avoiding opportunities to lead, even though you know you have the potential to be great at it? If so, you may be suffering from the fear of leadership.

The good news is, you’re not alone.

In fact, the fear of leadership is quite common. But the even better news is that there are ways to overcome it😍.

So do you have people on your team who struggle with recruiting?

They may not not be recruiting for the reason you may think so, let’s talk prospecting and recruiting.

It’s one of my favorite things to talk about. One of my favorite things to teach.

It’s one of my favorite things about being in affiliate marketing and/or network marketing quite honestly…it’s meeting people, finding out what they need, and offering a solution (essentially prospecting and recruiting).

So let’s talk about people who don’t prospect and recruit, even though they say they really want to grow a successful business, I’m gonna tell you what it’s not due to…

It is NOT due to laziness.

They’re not being lazy.

It is my belief that nobody’s actually lazy.

There’s a deeper reason people don’t do the things they know they need to do. This comes to business, this comes to your health and absolutely anything in life.

I don’t believe it boils down to laziness ever.

There’s always a deeper reason and that reason is what’s going on between their ears.

So when people aren’t recruiting and aren’t building a team, even though that’s kind of their goal, they lack confidence in themselves, ever have these thoughts.

I know I sure have…

“I don’t know what to say, I don’t want this person to think. I’m pushy? I don’t have the right words. When do I make an offer? How do I transition the conversation from shooting the shit to talking business?”

So it’s a lack of confidence they have in themselves.

The next reason is that they’re afraid of leadership, they’re afraid to lead.

I remember having this conversation with myself when I started my business. I was in for about 2.5 months and I wanted to build a team, I loved this industry, and I loved the business model.

But I remember going, “oh my God, I’ve never led anyone before”.

I’ve never led a single person.

And I remember…it was paralyzing😳.

I didn’t have the knowledge, skills, or experience to do that, right? Ever think that to yourself?

But here’s the truth.

These leaders you see out in the market who have been leading for a long time and are successful…

They too started with zero experience.

They may have done some leading in what they did before they started their business.

And I’m betting you have some leadership skills you’ve learned along the way in your life.

Even if you weren’t a big leader, guess what…

If you’re a parent, you’re a leader!!

And another thing is like as nobody starts out being a leader. These skills are learned!

So what you want to do is start doing some research on Youtube to study leadership.

There are a ton of leadership books out there so get to know some really good leaders, some experienced leaders, and start emulating them.

You can’t expect yourself to be this experienced leader without any experience. You have to gain that experience.

But there are things you can do to speed up the process of you becoming a good leader, right?

Read books, watch other people, all that good stuff, but you’re gonna become a good leader through experience.

You just start leading and you know, if you’ve ever been in a situation where you were in a company and you didn’t have a leader, maybe you joined your BFF who didn’t have any experience or you joined someone who quit right away.

Whatever it may be, think about the things that you would have appreciated in a leader and start doing those things to start showing up as the leader you wish you had.

So anyway, I hope that helps you out.

You know, there’s only a certain amount that you can do for other people and sometimes it can be heartbreaking when you see so much potential in a person and you’re like if only you would take action.

I know you could absolutely crush it, but people don’t take action not because of laziness in my opinion, but because the issues between their ears limiting personal beliefs, not thinking they’re good enough, not thinking they’re smart enough, thinking no one’s gonna take them seriously.

You just have to get started🎉!

The only way to get better at something is by doing it.

And also think of like as a leader, if you if you’re freaked out about being a leader, here’s the deal.

You’re human, just like your teammates are only human, they’re not expecting you to be superhuman.

One thing I will share with my team is if I make a mistake or I messed something up, I’ll tell my team, oh my God, you guys, I just totally messed this thing up, and it’s appreciated because we’re all human!

We all mess things up! Life is not meant to be smooth sailing.

So there you go. Don’t be afraid to step into the role of leadership, there are people out there who are looking for you, they’re looking for you to help them.

And if you’re not showing up and offering help, whether it be your business opportunity, you’re coaching your affiliate program, whatever it may be.

If you’re not offering that help to somebody, then you’re doing them a great disservice. Don’t do that.

That’s being selfish. Wouldn’t you say that’s being selfish?

If you’re talking to somebody like, oh my God, they like totally need extra money.

I could totally show them my business opportunity and help them make money, but I don’t want them to think I’m being pushy.

So I won’t offer it, I won’t mention it.

Are you helping that person? No, and you’re certainly not helping you either.

I always say this when I’m training on prospecting and closing, I always talk about how if you’re not making offers, then you’re stuck in your own head🤯.

You’re busy, focused on what the other person is gonna think of you.

If you were focused on them, you’d be going, oh my God, she could totally crush it, working with me in my business opportunity and it would make life so much easier for her and her family.

If she was making some extra money from her phone, from home, from anywhere from soccer practice, whatever, right?

Times are tough. Like, let’s be honest, times are freaking tough right now and it’s not going to get easier for a while.

I’m just saying. So there are a lot of people who are in a really tough financial situation right now.

So we gotta help each other out. We as good humans gotta stick together, right?

That being said, if you could use a way to make some extra money, message me, and I can help you.

I can show you what I’m doing.

I believe in multiple streams of income.

I’ve got a couple of amazing income streams I can share with you and help you get going.

Whether you want some help building a little side hustle, a side gig, or a full-time gig, either way, I can help you.

I’m building my business full-time.

So if you want some help, I can help you.

I love you, Thank you for stopping by!



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