You know what I like about network marketing? It’s the events! And I am speaking at Live The Dream Event in Austin, Texas!

Its is one of the best network marketing events!

I first attended a Live The Dream event a few years ago. When I went, I was struggling in my business. Really struggling. “On the verge of getting a cashier job” kind of struggling. I learned so much at the event, listening to the speakers, bonding with people and making the connections that would catapult my business.

Now I speak at the events with those industry leaders! I am honored and humbled but more than anything, eternally grateful for the life I’m living now. I am able to create my own joy and I love to share what I do.


What do I teach? I teach building rapport, knowing when to talk business and closing the deal! I developed a course on the subject called How To Master Online Prospecting. At the event I”ll be joined on the panel by other leaders who share that passion for prospecting and closing. prospecting tips and techniques

Building rapport is more than chit-chat. “Hey how’s it going?” is not building rapport. Using the scripts like “I see we share some common interests” you may have been given also isn’t going to build rapport with your new contact. It’s about really making a connection. I coach my team on this topic – if you want to know more about my team, message me!

Other speakers at this network marketing event will include Mike Dillard, Pat Flynn, Derral Eves, Pete Vargas III, Vince Reed, Hal Elrod and people like Ray Higdon, Diane Hochman, Mark Harbert, Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and the list goes on.

If you can get there, you need to do it! This is a life changing event that can allow you to create your joy, live with passion and be a BOLD BOSS in your business.

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About the Author Erin Birch

I help women build successful businesses all online from anywhere in the world. I also help women master their psychology so they can make the second half of their life absolutely ROCK!

I created this space because I wanted to give you the exact blueprint, tips, and strategies that have helped me create financial freedom for my family and ultimately gave me my life back. If you are ready to make some changes in your life, and ready to build your dream business that would allow you to LIVE the way YOU want…

YOU my friend are in the right place.

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