Do you want to overcome some challenges?

Here are 9 tips that will help you overcome challenges and achieve success.

1 Realize Your Goals:


1. become fully aware of (something) as a fact: understand clearly.

2. cause (something desired or anticipated) to happen.

Sometimes when we are having challenges we are blind to the several possible options. Realizing there are solutions to these problems is one of, if not the most powerful step. Start to realize your goals with putting them down on paper or maybe a quick video or audio recording! Any tool that will help your overall realization will do perfectly!

2 Singular Focus on What is Working:

First of all, we need to acknowledge that focusing on negativity is not constructive. instead focus on what is working. That looks like taking regular inventory of what assets we have available to us. Maybe that looks like technical resources, or people that we are networking with in our ventures. Possibly it is the vitality and health we have in our family.

Take Action:

Doing something is always better than doing nothing! This step reminds us to do what we can every day! Setting ourselves up for success by taking actions that help us realize our goals and what methods are working!

4 Balance Yourself:

Take some time each day for your well being! Feed your body and to keep yourself balanced. Do things that are going to bring you joy and stimulation, like a walk, or a crossword puzzle, maybe some daily reading and meditation followed by a walk or listening to a motivational speaker… Having some time that is solely for you is rewarding for everyone around you! Take some time to do some kind things for those you know. It is surprising how rewarding the act of giving with no expectations can be!

Face Your Fears:

When we face our fears and learn from them, we can change our lives! Think about how great it would be to take the nervousness and anxiety we associate with fear and turn it into a powerful tool that we can use to create a more better life! We can, all that is required is to make a start. Do something each day that we are fearful of. We most likely have some real fears, but most are irrational fears that have no real realistic reason. Taking the fear away and replacing it with a sense of accomplishment is life changing!

6 Ask For Guidance:

Do you ever feel trapped, or held back? Ask yourself simply in what way can I solve this? Usually it is simple, like asking for some assistance. Having an outside opinion can be very useful, especially when we think that our attention is being properly focused when it in fact is not.

Be Thankful:

Each day take a look back at what you’ve done. Take a moment to look around at those who supported us. A fun idea is to start the day and make a list of people we are going to send a thoughtful note or thank you to.

8 Make Today Better:

Every day we can make something better than what we have done before. Looking at our lives physically, mentally, and emotionally and finding how we can bring more richness to our lives and those around us. We can continue to grow each day. If there is something that you have put off, or not gotten to do, can you now do it? If so, go for it, grow and learn.

9 Never Quit:

We all fumble sometimes, everyone gets some bumps and bruises along the way. Focus on the positive and successes rather than the challenges. Remember that you are not comparing yourself to others, as many of us have not gotten “there” yet either. Even though there may be times of challenge, mayb fear, frustration or just being tired, it is okay! All of us experience these at some time or another, but the key is to never quit on yourself! You will become a more successful person if you meet your challenges with solutions!


Erin Birch

About the Author Erin Birch

I help women build successful businesses all online from anywhere in the world. I also help women master their psychology so they can make the second half of their life absolutely ROCK!

I created this space because I wanted to give you the exact blueprint, tips, and strategies that have helped me create financial freedom for my family and ultimately gave me my life back. If you are ready to make some changes in your life, and ready to build your dream business that would allow you to LIVE the way YOU want…

YOU my friend are in the right place.

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