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You’ve been told a million times that you must be on social media. But what good is being on social media if your content stinks?

So today I want to talk about writing. This is going to carry over in everything you do in your business. Meaning everything you write your posts, your emails, all of it. This is even going to carry over to your videos, your sales pages, your funnels, and even your conversations. 

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Here are 10 tips to ensure your written content is up to par and will get people to stick around and read what you have to say.

1. This Is Not An English Class

You don’t have your English teacher or English professor reading over what you’ve written and marking it. So it isn’t your English teacher you are writing for, you are writing for your audience. You are writing for your tribe, you are speaking to your tribe. 

2. Download Grammarly

This will correct your grammar because bad grammar makes it hard for people to read. It’s a blessing having an app that corrects your grammar for you and makes everything you do easier to read for your people. 

3. Be Easy To Read

Before we read something, we assess it, right?

We’re asking ourselves these questions: 

  • Is this going to be worth my energy? 
  • Is this going to be worth my time? 
  • Is it going to be easy to read and set up so that it’s easy to read? 
  • Are they short, punchy sentences? 
  • Or are they long drawn-out sentences?
  • People are also asking what’s in it for me. 

They’re asking themselves these questions before they decide to spend their precious time engaging with your content. 

Easy to read and you’ll be easy to learn from.

So if you’re writing, say a Facebook post or email, whatever, have a lot of white space. 

Remember it’s not an English class.

You don’t have that have to have that perfectly crafted paragraph. The way I think about it is any time there’s even a slightly new thought that means a new paragraph.

So if your post consists of say 10 sentences, it’s probably going to be at least five paragraphs, lots of white spaces, and even use emojis to inject emotion and to kind of break things up a little bit.

If that first sentence doesn’t hook them and get their attention, they will keep scrolling or close the email. That means these people are not going to hear your call to action😲.

And isn’t that the point? That’s a very big point of why you’re doing the post for an email in the first place. The first sentence out of your mouth for writing has got to evoke curiosity or hit on some pain so that people go “oh my god, I have to read this, or I have to listen to this.”

4. Clarity

This is a big one. So pay attention to this one.

  • What are you saying?
  • What is it that you want?
  • What is the message you are trying to convey?

You must write so that it’s easy to understand. People will not read between the lines.

Your audience is not psychic. That’s why you must be specific.

No one is gonna read your post and then message you and go…

What are you actually trying to say? I’m curious?

No one’s gonna spend the time doing that. If they don’t get it the first time they read it they will keep scrolling

So I had a conversation with a gal who joined my team. And she’s going on a weight loss journey. This whole personal transformation journey. It’s beautiful.

So she did a post and she said, “You know I’m on a personal transformation journey. Do you want to join me? “

So what I asked her is…

  • Are people really, really clear on what kind of journey she is on?
  • What kind of transformation she is going to experience on her journeys

Because people need to see what’s in it for them.

So if it’s a weight loss journey, you got to say that I’m on a personal transformation journey.

I’m going to lose weight, get my confidence back, and get my sexy back. Get my health back. Who wants to join me? That’s more specific, isn’t it?

Now when people are reading those things, they’re going I want that for myself. I want that for myself. I want that for myself. Now when you say who wants to join me? People see what’s in it for them. Be specific. Don’t be so obscure. Don’t expect them to spend mental energy, figuring it out. Make it easy on your audience.

5. Use Bullet Points

Makes it very easy for people to read. You’re being more direct that way. And they get it. If I have to read a sentence, two, or three times. I’m not gonna continue. It’s using too much energy. I’m gonna keep scrolling.

I guarantee that’s what everyone’s doing. It’s social media. 

6. You Don’t Need To Sound Poetic

Okay, this isn’t poetry class. It’s social media marketing.

Flowery language is not the way people speak. You want to write the way people speak. So don’t spend all this extra time trying to make it sound like you’re a poet.

7. Don’t Sound Over-Academic

School teaches us to use complex and clever language.

But online personality will win every single time.

You want to tweet your writing or what you say in a video like a conversation with a friend.

Before you click the post or before you send that email, delete anything you wouldn’t say in person.

If you don’t use big words, don’t use big words in your writing. The big flowery intellectual words are really not necessary. They’re gonna stump people. If people can’t understand what you’re saying they’re not going to read it.

I was taking a copywriting course from a gentleman and he was saying dumb your language down. He says most people will write at a level difficulty level of about a seven and when he tells him to dumb it down, they’ll dumb it down to two. But you want to dumb it down to a zero.

I always say if a four-year-old can read each sentence and perfectly understand what you’re trying to say. Then you’re good.

Say only what needs to be said. And here’s the thing too. I really learned this when I started doing videos. I don’t chitchat a lot.

When I do videos or training, I give the meat and potatoes. I don’t chit-chat a lot about extra fluffy things. And I had people start messaging me saying, I like watching your videos. You get to the point. You give them meat and potatoes. That’s it.

So when you write something, go through it before you post it or send it and reduce your word count by 30%. Take out any unnecessary words or sentences. 

8. Speak With Confidence

Speak boldly.

Speak directly.

I don’t mean arrogantly but speak boldly rather than sounding apologetic.

Have you ever watched someone’s video or read their posts or whatever? And they almost sound like they’re apologizing by offering you something?

Their Call to Action sounds a bit like an apology.

“Oh, I don’t know if this is the right thing for you.”

You want to sound like it’s the best thing on the planet.

That is posture. You’ve got to put posture into everything that you do. Whether you’re speaking or writing.

9. Write To ONE Person

This is a kind of a hard habit to break because let’s say you’re doing a video, and you’re kind of imagining talking to people.

So you say something like “hey guys”, now that speaking to your entire audience, people want to feel special to your real writing. So this means you want to start to use the word YOU and not everyone.

10. Speak The Language of YOUR Audience

You know, you’ve written a good email when the person writes you back and they think you wrote that just for them.

Next, don’t use words that only people in you know. Nobody knows what a double black unicorn shiny diamond is. That right? It means nothing to anyone outside of that company. Right?

For industries specific words to a particular product or what have you. So I see a lot of people do this when they’re talking about their product. Right?

So for example, if you’re selling a product that helps with gut health, is a microbiome. Most people don’t know what the microbiome is, but they get what the gut is. They understand what the gut is. So if you really want to use the word microbiome, I would say your microbiome slash gut health. That’s what I do. Dumb it down.

Bonus: Add Emotion

People will only take action and will only pull out their credit cards and buy when their emotions are involved.

So this is where you’re going to identify a problem and offer the solution.

  • You’re bringing up a pain point
  • You agitate that pain point
  • And then you offer the solution

Now they’re emotionally involved because they’re like, ‘oh my god, I have that pain’.

And it is human nature. People will put in 10 times the effort to get rid of pain than to seek pleasure.

So you talk about benefits and not details.

The details aren’t turning anyone on to want what you have.

So this goes for your products, your business opportunity, your coaching, your course, your PDF, it does not matter.

You’re identifying the problem.

You agitate the problem.

And then you offer the solution.

Do you see how important it is? Validate to people why they need something will make it less painless for them to pull out their credit cards and buy.

So I hope you got a chance to write a lot of those notes down.

I hope this helps you enjoy writing your emails, your posts, and doing videos more. Remember, you’re speaking to your friends. You are speaking to your friends and simply identifying what your friends need. And then offering them solutions.

You’re sharing yourself and your knowledge.

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